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Morning Pitch Singapore OSAP Edition
We are back with ONLINE edition of Morning Pitch, on 28th January, where we feature startups working in OSAP edition. OSAP is Japanese startup supporting program, which sponsored by Osaka Business Development Agency and operated by Deloitte.

Morning Pitch is the pitching platform hosted by Deloitte where we aim to create collaborations between large corporations/investors and startups. This is the first session in 2022!
The event series was originally launched in Japan in 2013, where it has been organized over 390 times, over 1,900 startups have pitched, and more than 50 IPOs and 250 business alliances have been created.

Pitching startups:
Sydecas - Sydecas is a food-tech company.
Sydecas developed NinjaFoods and Ninja Paste which are made based on unique and traditional technology in Japan.
URL: https://www.sydecas.jp/ninjafoods-for-overseas/

Direct RF - Direct RF specializes in research and development in particular to product using wireless technology.

IDEABLE WORKS - Aiming at making environment which artists can concentrate on making arts, We will make small, but enthusiastic fan economic zone with “HACKK TAG”, SAAS platform which strengthens relationship between artists and fans!

Pocketle - Pocketle is releasing a mobile-based e-commerce marketplace with a purpose engine/buying intent engine to help people buy/sell/rent/reserve items in one second to fulfill their unconscious/conscious desire and needs in an information overloaded world.
URL: https://pocketle.co.jp/index.en.html

Andsdow - Andsdow is launching a new business of online work experience learning service for kids.
We believe the importance to learning experience of technologies, which is being foundation of our society, according to each kids.

BANANA - We transparentize the world motor parts which are complicated until now, and are opaque and spark new innovation in automotive industry in performing the system development of the service, financing for PR.

Jan 28, 2022 10:00 AM in Singapore

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